European Media Art Festiaval Osnabrück
Retrospektive / So, 26. April 2015 | 11:30 / Lagerhalle

Jedes Bild ist ein leeres Bild


Jedes Bild ist ein leeres Bild

Osnabrück-born artist Christoph Faulhaber is well known for his provocative, political work. As the protagonist of a computer game, he describes his projects, unbelievable events and absurd entanglements, and uses them to create a shrewd yet witty reflection on reality and identity in our global, digitised world. In a rapid blend of documentary and fiction, traditional narration, video clip and virtual reality, Faulhaber unfolds his biography and demonstrates how the artist constantly comes up against the limits of ruling systems, and how his projects enable him to conquer, disturb and, ideally, change spaces of public interest. A sarcastic film about game and reality, politics and art, failure and resistance.

Christoph Faulhaber > DE / 70:00 // The director is present

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