European Media Art Festiaval Osnabrück
Kongress / Sa, 25. April 2015 | 16:30 / Haus der Jugend

TV Online vs. Online TV in Spanien

Maria Pallier (ES)

TV Online vs. Online TV in Spanien

Altered consumer behaviour and the ever-increasing presence of new digital providers has also had a profound effect on the media landscape in Spain. For example, traditional television broadcasting companies have been compelled not only to place their offerings online, but also to expand them.

Using comparative examples from various online offerings, the current situation will be analysed and the question asked as to the extent to which, as a result of this devleopment, it is at all possible to maintain an educational mandate and standard of quality – criteria that, on the other hand, would have the potential to have a differentiating effect in the future.

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